Lowry & Richards

Photo of Artist Lowry & Richards

Both of these Glassmasters grew up in the Pacific northwest with glassblowers in the family. Chris Lowry earned top honors with a degree in Fine Arts with emphasis on Blown Glass/Steel Sculpture before moving to Oahu where he worked as an assistant teacher for glassblower Hugh Jenkins. He has also studied under master Pino Signoretti at Pilchuk Glass School & teachers at Penland. Functional glass with a strong aesthetic appeal, his work has been described as “natural” and “captivating.”

After years honing his skills in several of Seattle’s most well-known studios, Chris Richards moved to Maui to blow glass at Hot Island Glass, the studio started by his aunt and uncle. His handblown pieces are characterized by their classical forms with rich, vibrant colors in unexpected combinations.

In 2000, Chris Lowry and long-time friend Chris Richards bought Hot Island Glass in Maui.

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