Brad Parker

Photo of Artist Brad Parker

Brad Parker moved from Hollywood to the Big Island of Hawaii when he decided to pursue his own vision rather than help others realize theirs. Having spent years doing production illustration for Hollywood movies and Marvel Comics, he now paints "Low Brow Art" about Modern Tiki Culture.

Tiki is the name given to the pop cultural phenomenon that peaked in the mid 1950's to early 60's featuring stylized Polynesian themes, and its re-emergence as West Coast hipster-retro-kitsch since the 1990's. Tiki is an unabashed artificiality - an idealized representation of Polynesian culture. It was a way for people to experience the fantasy of a tropical paradise that has never really existed. Tiki culture appropriated idols, art, legend, and other cultural features of the Pacific islands and blended them into a generic identity which provides an exotic escape from mundane reality.

Brad's background in Hollywood comic book illustration has morphed this Polynesian pop into an art form that is all his own. It's Hawaii seen through a pair of cartoonland glasses. It is Hawaii 5-O on acid... click for more.

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Brad Parker, whose art graces the cover of Tiki Magazine this week, will be unveiling a new painting on February 17th, 2010 at Sargent's Fine Art from 7 to 10pm. Be there, or be square!