Mimi Stuart

Photo of Artist Mimi Stuart

Mimi Stuart's art vibrates with color and excels in clear design and graceful lines.

Stuart trained at the Art Center in Pasadena after graduating from UC Berkeley. Earlier schooling in Spain and Germany and travels in tropical countries inspired her love for vivid colors and her Musical Gems.

A professional background in animation and book illustration led to a passion for bringing canvas alive.

Stuart's expressionist or EOS art reflects the young American woman's spirit of optimism and ability. The Einstein series portrays this remarkable man at many stages of his life.

Stuart recently was a guest speaker at the 22nd Annual ASAA International Aerospace Art Exposition. One of the largest air & space museums in the world, the Museum of Flight serves more than 400,000 visitors annually from around the world. Stuart's paintings Mastery and Mystery, Amelia Earhart, and Queen Bess, Daredevil Aviatrix, add some female heroes to this otherwise macho museum. American Society of Aviation Artists 2016.

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