In Search of Lost Paradise

Here Victor shows a couple in the foreground: male and female bound together by the roots of the tree of life. We see directional arrows at the base of the rooted couple. The arrows are pointing in different directions; the two have different points of focus and different perspectives, and at the same time are joined together. The man looks out toward the far horizon, and toward the open expanse of the sky, where we see the face of the Creator. The woman looks back toward the land.

At the very bottom of the painting, we see that the entire world in which this couple exists is just one level within a larger space. The ladder, Victor's symbol for the evolution of our consciousness and spiritual development, is visible at the lower right of the painting. So we see that the level at which the couple exists is one that they have arrived at through their process of spiritual development. In the ocean stretching to the horizon are many more couples, each couple bound together by their own unique tree of life.

In Search of Lost Paradise by Victor Bregeda
VICTOR BREGEDA - In Search of Lost Paradise - 25 x 20 inches Giclee on Canvas

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