Lavender Dreams

This exquisite depiction of lilacs was painted by Victor on Maui in 2006. Lilacs are Victor's favorite spring flower, and bring to his mind love and all of the beauty of life.

Victor believes that we all get the chance each day, from a point within ourselves, to choose between the positive and the negative. By focusing on beauty, as depicted in these images of flowers and butterflies, we connect with other positive and peaceful thoughts within ourselves. In this painting, Victor shows how different beautiful images are connected to each other, and flow and shift continuously. Here the forms of the lilacs are shifting into images of a horse and a parrot. The small white butterflies bring thoughts of lightness and the freedom of flight.

At the bottom of the painting, we see the colors of paint being turned into flowers. Victor shows us another level of the creative process. As he takes his creative material, paint, and uses that to share with the world the beauty that he sees in lilacs, so we can take the material of our own lives and use that to create beauty to share with those around us.

Lavender Dreams by Victor Bregeda
VICTOR BREGEDA - Lavender Dreams - 24 x 20 inches Giclee on Canvas

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