Light Attraction

One of the paintings inspired by Victor's first trip to Hana, on the rainforest side of Maui, 'Light Attraction' is painted in a new palette of colors inspired by the tropIcal hues of Hawaii. It was painted by Victor shortly after he first arrived on Maui, visiting from Russia, in July of 2003.

This painting elucidates the theory some scientists have proposed, that life on Earth might have originated from DNA or simple unicellular life forms contained in cometary material or meteorites which struck our planet. Here Victor depicts the meteorite particles coming to Earth from some other place in the solar system (or even from outside of our solar system). The DNA or lifeforms traveling to Earth are shown as little people. They are getting down from their traveling homes, and finding a new home here on the Earth.

Light Attraction by Victor Bregeda
VICTOR BREGEDA - Light Attraction - 24 x 36 inches Original Oil on Canvas

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