The luminously beautiful red apple in "Prayer" represents a universal concept of divinity and spirituality, beyond any human description. Water droplets on the apple symbolize the clarity of spiritual truth. The praying mantises surrounding the apple represent humanity, worshipping this ideal.

Within the foreground of the painting, we find symbols of the various religions through which humanity has attempted to comprehend divinity. The small meditating monk represents Buddhism; the ancient books, Old and New Testament, represent the Jewish and Christian faiths; and scrolls symbolize Hindu, Moslem, and other religions. In the upper left corner, a smiling woman made of leaves represents nature/Goddess faiths.

In "Prayer", Victor Bregeda demonstrates that, despite apparent disparities, all faiths worship the same underlying divine reality.

Prayer by Victor Bregeda
VICTOR BREGEDA - Prayer - 18 x 24 inches Giclee on Canvas

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