The Offering

With soft colors, Victor portrays a man making his offering of a delicately pale flower to an ethereal woman who can be seen in the sky. This lady's features are formed from birds, who exist in the realm between heaven and earth. The mists gently rising from the river valley form her hair. Thus this woman is created from water, symbolizing the unconscious and intuitive, and birds, the cosmic messengers.

This tranquil, smiling lady embodies the feminine, compassionate nature of woman. To the left of her face can be seen the moon, also traditionally associated with female energy in many cultures. To this peaceful, yin beauty, the man (yang and active) is compelled to make his offering.

The Offering by Victor Bregeda
VICTOR BREGEDA - The Offering - 21.5 x 21.5 inches Giclee on Canvas

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