Artist Aurora Aguirre

Photo of Artist Aurora Aguirre

Aurora Kahelelani Aguirre was born and raised in Hawaii. Her ancestry is a mix of Hawaiian, Chinese, Irish, French, and German. Her vibrant range of genre is influenced by her attachment to the islands, a love for animals, and sensitivity toward life's colorful journey. Her paintings show diversity that reflects her personality and the many passions that fuel her art. Aguirre specializes in an original process that she discovered and developed over many years. Her work is unique in both her approach to creating a piece and the depth of her art when the piece is complete.

She begins a painting by pouring her mediums onto the surface rhythmically to music, with no preconceived expectations of what she wants it to be. Once dry, she looks for shapes and images similar to cloud watching, which she did as a child. She uses oils to further create a story. Bold ribbons of color and interesting patterns are blended with her realistic style of painting, resulting in a unique marriage where abstract meets realism. Aguirre's art has been collected throughout the United States, Hawaii, and Alaska.

Aurora feels that art is a gift from God that should be used to reach out and touch others.

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