Artist Robert Pejman

Photo of Artist Robert Pejman

Although born in Vienna, Robert Pejman reveals in his paintings a profound longing for the beautiful scenes that surrounded him as a child spending summers in Italy. With his art he shares his loving memories of flower-laden villas, sun drenched beaches, and glistening lakes seen through cypress and Roman arches. We walk with him down the narrow, cobbled streets of seaside villages with their colorful awnings.

Pejman's style is influenced by such artists as Sir Alma-Tadema, Thomas Cole, and Maxfield Parrish, all of them sharing the attributes of technical mastery, form, and perspective. While the influence of these masters is evident in Pejman's works, it is through his unique arrangement and depiction of the subject matter that he finds his own distinctive style of romantic realism by portraying the serene peace that was achieved back when man's structures were built in harmony with nature's beauty, rather than imposed upon it.

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