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Our artists have been busy at their easels, creating originals for you to enjoy...

Featured Artists:

Vibrant colors from the incomparable Mimi Stuart


A tribute to Lahaina, Maui from Arcade Latour


 You have inspired our continued journey...

Thank you for your donations and for supporting us as we offer artistic creations without a gallery space.


Celebrate Kivah Caballero's New Chapter in College!

We warmly invite you to join us in wishing Kivah Caballero the very best as she embarks on her first year of college. Kivah, an exceptional and diligent graduate from Lahainaluna High School in Maui, is the proud recipient of this year's Sargent's Fine Art Work Ethic Scholarship. For over two decades, Sargent's has recognized and supported outstanding Lahaina students who excel both in academics and character. Kivah stands out not only as an accomplished student but also as a star wrestler.

We are thrilled to be a small part of her academic journey and eagerly anticipate celebrating her future achievements.

Arcade Latour

From a tender age, Arcade Latour was captivated by the vibrant world of inks. At just 15, in 1965, he showcased his talent with his first exhibition. Arcade's passion for creative communication steered him into the realms of graphic arts, technical design, and publishing. Notably, in 1984, he was chosen to design the Popemobile for Pope John Paul II's Canadian visit.

In our contemporary, digitally dominated era, Arcade's art offers intriguing works of intense color created through the use of the age-old medium of printer's ink. Fascinated by the intensity of the colors and density of its texture, he made it his passion to explore and master its possibilities. Widely collected for his contemporary, textured pieces, Arcade crafts mesmerizing worlds for all to reflect upon.

"Blue Shades of Lahaina / Blue Skies over Lahaina I"

Museum wrap. Size: 40x30 inches. Price $7,400.

Arcade created these evocative artworks to pay homage to the picturesque Hawaiian city of Lahaina, one of his favorite destinations. Reminiscing about his past travels, he used ink on canvas to capture the essence of this coastal town: its unique beauty, dynamism, charm, and cultural heritage. Using vivid hues of blue, he portrayed the tranquil waters reflecting the clear blue sky. The imagery expresses his optimism and hopes for brighter days ahead, like a message of resilience and the enduring human spirit.

"Blue Shades of Lahaina / Blue Skies over Lahaina II"

Museum wrap. Size: 40x30 inches. Price $7,400.

Mimi Stuart

Mimi's signature style EOS-energy of subject-unleashes intense color, masterful lines and the luster of 24K gold, silver and copper leaf to capture the essence of her subjects.

Mimi's EOS paintings hang in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution and 12 other prominent museums. Her "Walking on Diamonds" portrait of Gene Cernan was selected from 7,000 artifacts for the once-a-decade Smithsonian High Art Exhibit.

Private collectors include Morgan Freeman, John Travolta, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Ernie Els and many others.

Wherever her creations hang, they capture the light and dance through the room.

All of Mimi's pieces are museum wrapped and ready to hang, many contain quotes painted on the edges- a fun bonus!

"For You" Original EOS on canvas with 24K gold, silver, copper leaf.

Size: 24X48 inches. Price $7,900.

"Katie's Hercules" Original mixed media work celebrating Katie Cook.

Size: 24X24 inches. Price. $6,900.

Katie is the first female Blue Angels pilot to fly the massive C-130 Hercules, at the young age of 28 years. She flew over 400 combat hours in seven countries, saving the lives of many Marines from Afghanistan to Africa!

This newest work from Mimi is on display at The International Art Exhibition at Pima Museum until Feb 2024, and then will be ready to land in a new home.

"Space Dance" Original mixed media work with 24K gold, silver and copper leaf.

Size: 16X20 inches. Price $3,900.

This work honors Bernard Harris, the first African American to perform spacewalk as part of the Discovery shuttle mission. Painted on the sides of this painting is his quote:

"We are infinite beings with infinite possibilities."

Also featured at Pima Museum at The International Art Exhibition.

"Thrust of Imagination" Original mixed media work that celebrates SpaceShipOne and the inventive spirit! Size: 48X60 inches. Price $16,000.

This creation was part of Mimi's solo show at the Smithsonian.

Adventurer, Papa Hemingway. Original Energy of Subject, painting on canvas with 24k gold, silver, copper leaf and hand-stitched ruched fabric.

Size: 48X48 inches. Price $12,000.

The proceeds of these two golf originals will support the funding of the annual Sargent's Fine Art Work Ethic Scholarship!

"Pink Panther" Original mixed media EOS of Paula Creamer with 24K gold, silver, and copper leaf.

Size: 48X24 inches. Price $7,900.

"Emerald Paula" Original mixed media EOS with 24K gold, silver and copper leaf. Signed by LPGA Champ Paula Creamer.

Size: 48X24 inches. Price $7,900.

"Sweetness" Walter Payton. Original mixed media EOS on canvas with 24K gold, silver and copper leaf. Size 60X48 inches. Price $15,500.

We couldn't resist sharing some of Mimi's most popular limited edition giclees...

"Next Leap" Buzz Aldrin. Limited edition giclee of 50.

Size: 48X38 inches. Price $3,900.

Created in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo X1 moon landing. Buzz Aldrin's iconic image characterizes the past, present and future of of humanity's accomplishments in aviation and space.

Quote painted on museum wrap edges: "We can restore the sense of wonder and adventure in space exploration. We can lift our eyes and look into the stars. When you believe all things are can achieve impossible dreams...No dream is too high."-Buzz Aldrin

"Touching the Earth" Buddha. Limited Edition giclee of 25. Size 48X36 inches. Price $3,900.

Quote painted on the museum wrap edges: "Wisdom appears from a pure and peaceful mind. The mind is everything."-Buddha

Also available in 60X48 inches. Price: $4,900.

"Momentum in Gold" Limited Edition giclee of 25.

Size 48X36 inches. Price $3,900.

Quote painted on museum wrap edges:

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving"

-Albert Einstein.

"Visualize" Einstein portrait. Limited Edition giclee of 75.

 Size 48X36 inches. Price $3,900.

"Enlightenment" Dalai Lama. Limited Edition giclee of 75. Size: 60X48 inches.

Price. $4,900.

When you fall in love with one of these treasures, please contact your personal fine art consultant

Chris Bierley (808)250-3581

Douglas Hash (503)780-4540

Herb Coshak (808)298-4511

Ingrid Klausner (808)298-4571

Rick Mancuso (808)280-4760

Kim Jacoby (808)298-5470

Don't have a regular consultant? Having trouble reaching someone?

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Mahalo to our artists for these vibrant originals and for being a part of the Sargent's experience!

Artist Mimi Stuart with Sargent's Sales Director, Chris Bierley.

Artist Arcade Latour "matching up" with Chris Bierley, Sargent's Sales Director.

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