Fiddle on the Roof

An old friend left his antique bass fiddle at Victor Bregeda’s art studio. After spending many hours with it, Victor felt as it were evoking memories from its true heart. The fiddle is reminiscing about the concerts, the admirers, and the success it has experienced. Many audiences from the village were entertained by its beautiful tone. The musician can be seen as the old gentleman looking down from the heavens. He is camouflaged by the fragrant petals of the peonies. These flowers symbolize success and become the sky where we see the bow set aside in disrepair. The hairs of the fiddlestick form a reverse treble clef, which resonates the fiddle’s sweet music from the distant past.

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 by Victor Bregeda

VICTOR BREGEDA - Fiddle on the Roof - 18 x 24 or 14 x 19 inches - Giclee on Canvas