Musical Fragments aka Hypnotic Aria

The trees and hills of this metarealistic landscape form a portrait of Mother Nature. Victor depicts Mother Nature as a young woman, who wears a garland of greenery, formed by leafy treetops, around her head. Her delicate hands, formed by the tree trunks and branches, are playing a violin. Her right hand holds the bow, and her left holds a slender violin. She is playing the music of nature.

In the foreground are shown numerous colorful butterflies, representing humanity, the souls of people, who are listening to Mother Nature's songs. In Russia, the music of the violin carries the association of happiness mixed with sadness.

Nature as Victor shows her creates many emotions with her songs.

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 by Victor Bregeda

VICTOR BREGEDA - Musical Fragments aka Hypnotic Aria - 20 x 30 inches - Giclee on Canvas