Our Beloved Gallery & Jewelry Store are gone!

Sargent's Fine Art Gallery from Front St

Dear Friends of Sargent's,

Sargent's Fine Art and Jewelry suffered a devastating loss in the Aug 8/23 fires in Lahaina. The gallery was nestled in the center of Front Street and has supported the local art community since 1993. We are mourning the loss of two cherished employees who perished in the flames and we continue to support our artists and six team members who lost their homes and treasured belongings... artist Nisla, Lisa, Doug, Adam, Jeska, and Roni. Roni lost not only her many-generation-family home but also a family member. Artists lost years' worth of their precious creations. It is impossible to imagine the depth of this tragedy for Maui's people. Some have taken their own lives.

Your donations are so important and greatly appreciated as we undertake this challenge of recovery for our team and our gallery. We hope to resurrect our beloved gallery at our original location on Front Street and rebuild alongside our Lahaina Community. With the help of our friends and patrons, the dedication of our staff, and the creative brilliance of our artists, we face the future with hopeful hearts. In the meantime, we look forward to sharing our artists' work virtually and in a temporary space as soon as we are able.

Sargent's is ready to get back to what we love... bringing you the works of amazing artists. Please sign up for our emails to receive updates on the newest works available. Your love of art is what will sustain our artists, our employees, and bring the gallery back to life. We are deeply grateful and thank you for standing with us during these challenging times!

If you wish to contribute to support our employees and the gallery's resurrection, kindly click on the button, and/or purchase some of our artists' amazing creations. Mahalo, The Sargent's Team

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Sargent's Fine Art Gallery after the Aug 8th fire

It is symbolic that the only pieces of art that survived the fire were 2 bronze sculptures: Lori Higgins' Spirit of Aloha and Tim King's First Stage. It is this indomitable spirit of love and community support that will ensure that Lahaina and Sargent's will rise again!

Lori Higgins' Spirit of Aloha sculpture survived the fire Lori Higgins' Spirit of Aloha sculpture before the fire Tim King's First Stage sculpture survived the fire Tim King's First Stage sculpture before the fire