Photo of Artist Roman Czerwinski
Painting by Roman Czerwinski: Red Poppies by the River
Roman Czerwinski's art in the Polish Consulate of Los Angeles
Roman Czerwinski's art in the Polish Consulate of Washington, DC
Roman Czerwinski's art in the Polish Consulate of Chicago


Beginning in his very early teenage years Roman Czerwinski enjoyed exploring museums and art galleries in his native Poland, and other art centers. Roman has been greatly inspired by the works of French impressionist, 15th Century Masters such as the Polish painter Jan Matejko. The political climate and search for true freedom forced Roman to flee Poland just before he was to graduate from University.

He eventually emigrated to the United States and finally, in 1984, to Maui. When he arrived on the island of Maui, Roman was emotionally inspired by the lush colors, the majesty of the Hawaiian sunsets, the vivid contrast of the blue against the rainbow skies, and black lava rock against lush tropical foliage. The gray tones of socialist oppression were exchanged for a full palette of color when he became a self-taught artist. Roman believes this was a gift from God and began to work on his skill by painting with Maui's artists, visiting art museums worldwide, and by observing the beauty of nature up close.

"I love the ocean," he explains. "I want my art to reflect the joy that comes from living on this island surrounded by water and I hope to share my happiness with those who have experienced this beauty as well. Discovering some of Maui's peaceful, virgin areas is very rewarding. I experience an intensity and power even in the peacefulness."

Roman's style started as realism and recently shifted to impressionism. He loves to paint with a palette knife and fan brush. He is most fascinated with the study of light effects, as evidenced in his work. His ocean, gardens, and palm trees are bold and rich with the color, texture, and feeling imparted with each stroke. Roman has created many intriguing paintings as private commissions for clients from all over the world.

Roman enjoys painting commissioned originals for collectors with a specific request of a subject matter, style, and size. Please feel free to use samples of his work shown as an inspiration to create your own original painting.


  • Poland 2012 - Acceptance to an exhibit at National Museum in Kielce
  • Los Angeles, CA, 2012- Permanent display at Consulate of Malta
  • Portland, Oregon, 2012 - Temporary display at Portland Museum
  • August 2012 accolades from collector & writer, Alfred J Garrotto
  • Wroclaw, Poland 2010 -Acceptance to Wroclaw City Museum
  • Los Angeles, CA - July 29, 2009 Maui artist Roman Czerwinski was honored by the Polish Consulate in Los Angeles on July 29, 2009, when his painting was unveiled at the Beverly Hills Country Club to be accepted for permanent display at the Consulate on Wilshire Blvd. Roman's paintings with red poppies have a symbolic meaning for his birth country Poland and represent the struggle for freedom.
  • Second & third photos to the left show original painting "Red Poppies by the River" received by Polish Consul General, Paulina Kapuscinska.
  • Roman's work was also accepted by the Polish Embassies in Washington, DC and Chicago, Illinois.
  • Sargent's Fine Art Gallery - permanent artist 2008 to present
  • Art Maui 2003 Show, Maui, HI - Juried Exhibit
  • Weens Gallery Art Fest, 2003 Albuquerque, NM - Out of State Award
  • Lahaina Art Society, 2003 Maui, HI - Lahaina Poster Competition- People's Choice Award
  • Hui No'eau Visual Art Center, Maui, HI - Juried Exhibit
  • Lassen Gallery, 2000 Maui, HI - Impressionism Exhibit
  • Lahaina Art Society, 1997 Maui, HI - Impressionism One Man Show
  • Grycner Gallery, 1996 Taos, NM - One Man Show
  • Sunset Gallery, 1993 Maui, HI - One Man Show


"The delicacy and detail of Roman's art leaves one inspired and involved by and with his subjects. My wife Jane and I fell in love with his sensitivity to color, light, and texture. He is a significant talent emerging."

    — James Bracher, Founder and Chairman, Dimension Five, CA

"I commissioned Roman 16 paintings of Paris and Maui. He created them just the way I wanted. Showing details with a great freedom."

    — Filbert Martocci Jr, Wailea, Hawaii

"I own several originals, like Garden of Provence, which brought the garden into my home. Roman is a very proficient artist."

    — Bob Foley, Wailea, Hawaii

"We love our Poppies painting. It is the focal point of our family room and gets many compliments from our guests. We are building a new house and may have to add to our collection!"

    — Leo and Jane Goheen, Colleyville, Texas

"Thank you so much. We are so fortunate to have such a special piece of art and to have gotten to know you personally as well. What a great experience."

    — Russ and Heather Griffiths, Boise, Idaho

"I love Mr Roman Czerwinski's painting of Santorini, which my wife and I had the pleasure of visiting. He truly captured the beauty and colors of the Greek Islands."

    — Mr Naohito Ashizawa, Chairman, Ashizawa Ltd.