Artist Victor Bregeda

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Victor Bregeda was born in 1963 in Taganrog, Russia into a family of painters. He has been painting as long as he can remember. "My artistic abilities are in my blood, thanks to my forefathers, and I grew up in a strong, creative environment." Artists who inspired him the most include Leonardo Da Vinci, Bosch, Bruegel, Max Ernst, Nikolai Rerikh, and Andrew Wyeth.

After graduating from a Moscow art university, Victor decided to go against the strict rules of his formal training and pursue his own ideas of what creative art was all about. His works include "plein aire" landscapes, still lifes, and portraits, created in a meta-realistic style with a strong influence of subconscious philosophy. Bregeda shows the real nature of things hidden from empirical understanding and the result is always imaginative and thought-provoking. Bregeda's artwork is both subtle and powerful, timeless, elevating in substance, and flawlessly executed.

Bregeda's art is displayed in galleries and museums around the world...
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