Artist Dennis Curry

Photo of Artist Dennis Curry

The art of Dennis Curry is largely focused on the beautiful landscapes & wildlife of East Africa. His first interest was the big cats, but he was quickly captivated by the primal power of this land and rich diversity of wildlife.

During his art training, Curry was involved in the renaissance of original printmaking and produced over 40 editions in the traditional intaglio mediums of etching and engraving. Today he creates his art in the contemporary medium of Mylar lithography because of its unprecedented facility for working with color. Curry has developed a rare mastery of this exciting and relatively new medium.

"While much of the art of the past has dealt with the glories and follies of humankind, I feel a need to portray nature for its own sake with the hope of promoting value and respect for our unique planet and the varied forms of life with which we share it." — Dennis Curry

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