The Makk Family

Photo of Artist The Makk Family

The Makks are an impressive family of world-renowned master artists: Eva, Americo, and A.B. Makk. Sylvia Makk, A.B.'s wife, also paints and adds a modern splash to the Makk Family.

Eva Makk has been called "the foremost living impressionistic painter." Her husband, Americo Makk, was a portrait artist, painting celebrities, dignitaries, and heads of state. Portraits include President Reagan (now in the Reagan Museum) and President Carter. Eva Makk's portraits include Princess Kyoko Osano of Japan and Dr. and Mrs. Richard Kelley (Outrigger Hotels).

Eva and Americo Makk were the official artists of the Brazilian government in the 1950s and painted large murals for government buildings. They also painted ceiling murals in fourteen churches and cathedrals, most of which are still toured in various cities in Brazil.

Over the last six decades, paintings by the Makk family have been shown in museums and galleries in more than forty countries. The Makks have been honored with scores of medals, awards, and citations for their accomplishments as artists. In 2013, Americo Makk was honored by the Hungarian government with a gold medal, one of the highest to be awarded to a civilian. This was his most cherished award.

The Makk Family live in Hawaii and their art is regularly exhibited in North America, Europe, and Asia. Sadly, Americo Makk passed away in 2015, but left behind a phenomenal collection of paintings for the world to enjoy.

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