Nemesh Poetry

Here is what I wrote for the paintings Gentle Opening and Song of Phoenix:


Just like a flower it opened in front of me. I felt a breeze on my neck and whispers from behind.
That must be it. I was waiting for this moment for many days.
I prayed for it.
I begged.
It was worth waiting for!
I can feel the pulse, it excites me every moment of this process. It is hard to explain what it is, you have to feel it, it is somewhere inside you.
Maybe you have been lucky to dream it.
Just bathing in this moment of creation, it felt so empowering, so great.
It is chain reaction in this moment of time, my own universe living itself on canvas.
It's Gentle Opening.

Open your heart and soul, this painting is another reminder that there is something beyond this physical exterior. It is reminder where we are coming from.

24 July 2012
Vjekoslav Nemesh


How many times have we risen from the ashes to sing again? Imagine you have only one day to live. What would you do? How many things we can do in that one single day? So cherish this moment and fly knowing that you can breathe and sing as much as you want. This painting is a reminder that we are here not to sing with full lungs of air, we can feel, we can touch, we can walk, we can dance we can love.

If you have only one day to live, would you forgive or die in hatred? Does it really matter? Have you seen another side of that coin? Are you sure?

Please forgive and Live!

25 July 2012
Vjekoslav Nemesh

Gentle Opening by Nemesh
Gentle Opening by Nemesh
Song of Phoenix (detail) by Nemesh
Song of Phoenix (detail) by Nemesh