Artist Jack Nordby

Photo of Artist Jack Nordby

Jack Nordby is creating his own artistic genre with a watchful eye toward previous notable metal etching artists such as Rembrandt and Andreas Nottebohm.

Nordby has combined his natural love of the water and waves and the life within them to create art that shares his appreciation of this natural beauty. His daily devotion to walking the beaches along Maui's coast has given him infinite inspiration. It is this gift he has received that he wants to share through his art.

Jack's desire is to make art that not only comes alive with its three dimensional aspect, he wants it to be contemporary and inspirational as well. He wants his art to be exquisitely elegant in any surrounding.

This cutting edge artist wants every person who takes home his art to be reminded of the beauty of Maui and the enchantment of the islands. He has etched a memory of that beauty which they will see every time they view their art.

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