Artist Gary Welton

Photo of Artist Gary Welton

Gary Welton was born in Brainerd, Minnesota. He received a BFA from the University of Minnesota under the tutelage of Peter Busa, Malcom Meyers, and Herman Somberg.

"As an artist, I dream of having the same instant connection between my feelings and expression that singers and dancers have. I have a keen interest in the figure and have drawn from it for the last twenty five years... In 1990, I began to have my model, a dancer, move as I painted. In doing so, I was forced to work faster, with less thought and more feeling and intuition. I have always valued the spontaneous gesture, and the beauty of the chance mark and line. Each dancer/model and I move in reaction to each other. Throughout my work, I seek to capture the connection between observing the rhythm, motion, and emotion of the event in the studio scene, while looking at the underlying reality below the surface."

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