"Cloudburst" is one of Victor Bregeda's self-portraits, in which he elucidates his creative process as an artist. In the lower right corner of the painting, we see a ladder leading up to a shelf or plateau on which Victor is painting. The ladder is Victor's symbol for the evolution of our consciousness, or, or evolution in spiritual understanding. The base of the ladder is in the material plane, so we see that here, the artist has gone up the ladder, elevated his consciousness, and is engaged in his creative activity on a plateau of higher consciousness. We can see from our vantage point that the world in which the artist creates is just one level, within a larger space.

The artist creating at this level gets the materials for his creative endeavor from a distillation of the beauties of nature. Here Victor portrays himself painting with the green of the forests and the warmer colors from a sunset sky, wielding an enormous paintbrush with all of his strength, to create his work of art. There is another paintbrush, controlled by a being or force that we cannot see from our vantage point, who also participates in the creation of the painting.

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 by Victor Bregeda

VICTOR BREGEDA - Cloudburst - 24 x 18 inches - Giclee on Canvas