Exodus (Portrait of Rain)

The setting for this painting is Olowalu, a beautiful area of West Maui that was favored by the Hawaiian people prior to contact with explorers.

Petroglyphs dating from this era are found throughout the valley and hillsides of Olowalu. Here Victor depicts the interplay of water and light; the rainbow with a faint secondary rainbow visible to the left, and joyful dancers in the clouds. In the center of the painting is the "portrait of the rain", with the raindrops as her hair. Her eyes are in the center of the painting, in the valley, her nose and mouth as the hillside.

From a boat on the ocean, looking back toward the mountains of Olowalu, the cars on the highway looked to Victor like snails moving over the landscape.

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 by Victor Bregeda

VICTOR BREGEDA - Exodus (Portrait of Rain) - 30 x 20 inches - Giclee on Canvas