Fragrant Bouquet

In "Fragrant Bouquet", Victor Bregeda pays homage to the Flemish master artists who have come before him. Victor studied and currently uses techniques of still life painting evolved by the Dutch masters. The faces in the right background of this painting are those of these masters, who "visit" Victor in his studio, through their influence.

Victor continues to create along the lines of this traditional style of still life painting, adding new elements and bringing this tradition forward into the present. The still life that Victor paints in "Fragrant Bouquet" contains many elements which would have been familiar to the Flemish masters, such as the grapes, lemon, and goblet, but Victor includes the new element of the green apples, placing this still life in the present day.

The bridge symbolizes the connection between the artists of the past and Victor. The small ladder to the lower left indicates the necessity of spiritual progress in order to reach a level at which artistic creativity is possible.

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 by Victor Bregeda

VICTOR BREGEDA - Fragrant Bouquet - 17 x 25.5 inches - Giclee on Canvas