The Blessing

Christianity is a subject that has a special place in the art of Victor Bregeda. The best selling artwork, Eucharist, opened a series of paintings with Christian symbolism. The Blessing continues the subject of Jesus Christ and the twelve apostles. The canvas reflects the thoughts of the artist on the inseparable connection between Jesus and His followers, and their role in world history.

Victor Bregeda used his surrealistic art to portray the image of Christ and the idea of Divine love out of the nature of things, a love that, with free will, chose to die to let us live. The paintings are interconnected by the same subject, composition, and artistic method of transformation of images. The candle, being the symbol of light and Christian faith, transforms into the image of Christ and His disciples. The image of Jesus Christ is easily seen in the flames of Eucharist, while the disciples, bowed in devotion before their teacher, can be seen in the outlines of the wax candle. This is the Last Supper…and the last minutes of the meal. What was next? One of the apostles will betray his teacher. Jesus will be executed as a martyr on the cross. Apostles will have to deliver the message of Jesus and His teaching to the world. The artwork, The Blessing, develops the plot of Eucharist. The artist gives to the viewer the surrealistic possibility of feeling the last moments of the Last Supper.

Through the same artistic method of transformation, the artist reveals the part of the Last Supper in the Bible (John 14-15), where Jesus leaves his followers, making a sermon on the Divine essence of love and blessing his followers with the great mission. The candle takes the form of the blessing hand of Jesus and figures of the disciples, going in various directions. The viewer is witnessing this sacred moment. The face of Jesus can be seen in the background in the fire haze. This is the moment when the blessing of Christ is blessing the whole world, including all mankind.

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 by Victor Bregeda

VICTOR BREGEDA - The Blessing - 26.75 x 20 inches - Giclee on Canvas