A New Dawn

This painting is about the transition from one state into another. This may refer to life, creative work, love and one’s level of consciousness. In the composition, there is a rocky construction on the left side. Beneath its rock formation, incomprehensively transforming into some kind of architectural element is a handmade column going up. The cave and the wide sea can also be symbols of transformation. The people in the cave near the fire symbolize the development of personality—the maturing or ripening. The way out of the cave represents the notion of the choice to create or not to create, a great effort that will lead the personality to spiritual awakening.

Some people walk out of this cave alone while others are walked out by a friend and some are already at the seashore—deep in a wonderful fragrance. The flowery flood can mean a sudden flight of emotions, feelings, sensations or beauty, and creative abilities. The moment of bright impressions, inspiration and illumination are not robed in words.

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 by Victor Bregeda

VICTOR BREGEDA - A New Dawn - 16 x 12 inches - Giclee on Canvas