Metarealism, as a direction in art, gives the artist an opportunity to express feelings and thoughts that may be hard to deliver through traditional art methods. For example, what lies beyond the boundaries of our consciousness, that is, the intuitive comprehension of God, may be expressed only through metarealism.

The title of the painting, 'Revelation', is the key to its understanding. The painting features the moment of perception of the invisible God-Creator. A revelation like this can be made only in a dream. This is why the space of the canvas is so much like the dream state, where weird images intertwine and create fantastic and imaginary impressions and discoveries. The system of images in the composition of the painting gives us the clue to understanding its meaning. In the wasteland landscape are two giant, ancient holy books with two candles on them, eternal symbols of knowledge and light - the Old and New Testaments. In the foreground of the canvas there is a candle burning with a soft light; its realistic wax texture is fluid and pliant, and there is an impression that we are witnessing in real time the creation of the figures who then take the form of real people going away. It is as if the invisible God breathed life into lifeless substance in an act of creation. The display of Divine Will has created a physical world and a world of human people... this may be understood as an artistic comprehension of the Old Testament book of Genesis.

In the background, to the left, there is another giant book, and on the top of it there is a candle that has just gone out, the smoke rising from the snuffed-out candle is drawing the image of Jesus Christ in the sky. The birds flying by are forming the Savior's crown of thorns. This image has filled the heavens with light, as if saying, "I am the Light of the World." This part of the composition of Victor Bregeda's painting is an artistic metaphor for the New Testament.

The subject of the painting is highlighting the meaning of the Bible, this book of books, as a symbol of knowledge that God left to humanity. The artist has used the artistic method of "a gliding reality" or "still life in the landscape," where through the incommensurate (in terms of their dimensions) images of giant books, candles, burned-out matches that someone used, and some small figures of men, the artist is showing the presence of God the Creator in the world.

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 by Victor Bregeda

VICTOR BREGEDA - Revelation - 24 x 30 inches - Giclee on Canvas