Somewhere in Time

The cave in this painting represents our everyday life, similar to the cave in the writings of Plato; we are closed in, and not receiving very much light. Here, Victor shows that at certain points in our life, we have the opportunity to come out of the cave to an area which is more spacious and open. Here in the light our life appears before us as a painting, and we can see what we have painted with our life so far. We can review our creation and make choices about our path in the future. Most people will choose to remain on the path that goes back to the caves (to the lower left). Victor shows there that there exists another path, that stays in the light, which an occasional, solitary individual may choose to take.

This painting is specifically about the life of a musician, a violinist, whose dedication to his music has brought his life to the point where he is given the opportunity to make these choices. The ladders, Victor’s symbol of spiritual evolution (the evolution of our consciousness), indicate that through the efforts required to attain his musical skills, the violinist has also achieved a high plateau in his spiritual development.

Stepping back further and observing the painting as a whole, we see that the musician’s entire life takes place on the body of an angel (face upper right). The angel rests his chin on his right hand and is listening to the beautiful music that the violinist is playing. We see that the spot where the people emerge from the cave is the angel’s shoulder, and the rock formations beside the pathway, to the upper left, are the angel’s wings. In the sky, we see that for the angel, day and night are all happening at the same time.

Victor’s painting, Transition, is essentially a close-up of the central portion of this painting, Somewhere in Time.

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 by Victor Bregeda

VICTOR BREGEDA - Somewhere in Time - 20 x 24 or 14 x 17 inches - Giclee on Canvas