Time Passages

With brilliant tropical colors, "Time Passages" examines patterns of change over the course of time. In this painting, Victor draws an analogy between the life of the honu (Hawaiian sea turtle), and the evolution through time of an island. The honu in the foreground is in its prime, holding its head high. The trees growing on the "island" formed from this turtle's back are tall and flowering abundantly. The buildings on this island appear strong and solid.

The honu in the background shows the effects of the passage of time. This turtle is sunken down into the surrounding vegetation, its head barely above the water level. The island that is its back also appears worn down and eroded, and with smaller trees. The buildings on this island are in disrepair, a reminder that civilizations (and their constructs) have life patterns also, similar in their stages to those experienced by biological entities or geological land forms.

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 by Victor Bregeda

VICTOR BREGEDA - Time Passages - 24 x 36 inches - Giclee on Canvas