The Visitor

Here Victor depicts two levels of reality which co-exist in the same space and time, interpenetrating each other. Our everyday reality is represented along the bottom of the painting, the area with the trees and small people. Usually, the people in this reality can perceive nothing of the other world (yellow area) which interpenetrates theirs. The beings in the "yellow world" (spiritual dimension), on the other hand, see everything that occurs on our level.

In "The Visitor", through some unusual circumstance, an element from the spiritual dimension, an apple seed, has become visible to the people in the ordinary reality. But what clues does this "visitor" give the beings in the ordinary world concerning the other level of reality? From seeing an apple seed, could we understand the apple, the apple tree which will grow from the seed, the houses which could be built with the wood of the apple tree, or the thoughts of the beings who would build and live in these houses?

Similarly, from elements of the spiritual realm which we are occasionally able to perceive, how much can we actually understand of that level of reality?

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 by Victor Bregeda

VICTOR BREGEDA - The Visitor - 16 x 20 inches - Giclee on Canvas