Artist Gaylord Ho

Photo of Artist Gaylord Ho

Gaylord Ho was born April 11, 1950 in Hsin-Wu, Taiwan. A master sculptor and inspired artist, his goal in every sculpture is to capture forever the fleeting emotion of a single moment in time.

Ho's sculptures represent the ideal human spirit in all of us as we strive to transcend the daily struggles of life and to become something more spiritually divine. The beauty of his figures uplifts us and gives us encouragement to continue in our efforts to excel and surpass our greatest dreams. This theme is most evident in 'Transcendence' - the upward-reaching angel.

Gaylord practices Tai Chi & quiet mediation every morning. He is a spiritual person who believes strongly in the strength of the inner self. A quiet and thoughtful person, he treats himself and the world around him with gentle respect.

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