Artist Avi Kiriaty

Photo of Artist Avi Kiriaty

Avi Kiriaty is known as one of the most prolific "Painters of Polynesia" in our modern time, both throughout the Pacific and internationally. Avi is following a tradition of artists inspired by the bold and natural beauty of the Pacific islands, a beauty that is reflected in the physical features of the native peoples and their cultures - the mystery and majesty of both having seduced many artists throughout history. He does so, however, with a unique style and passion. Jay Hartwell's article in the Hawaiian magazine, The Surfers Journal, states that, "Those who know Gauguin, Charlot, and other émigré artists consumed by Polynesia will see the same passionate primitivism and bold pinks, greens, and blues in Avi's work, but there is a freshness to his images that moves past romantic obsession with another culture."

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