Artist Vjekoslav Nemesh

Photo of Artist Vjekoslav Nemesh

Born in Yugoslavia and now living in New Zealand, Vjekoslav Nemesh has been a professional artist since 1984. He has participated in more than 300 group exhibitions and 50 solo exhibitions. His work is in collections throughout the world.

Inspired by the glorious natural beauty around him, Nemesh's subconscious yearnings spill onto the canvas in an eruption of vibrant colors.

It is as if the artist uses a rainbow brush to speak in a secret language of light of his spiritual aspirations and encounters.

Through his eyes we catch a glimpse of hope in the distance. His colors guide us to the elusive pathways of light and enchantment that help us emerge from the, at times, overwhelming darkness.

Awakening and enlightenment are always at the heart of Nemesh's art.

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