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Growing up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Fabian Perez dedicated himself to the study of Karate and fine art. A sojourn in Italy from age 22 to 29 firmly established his career as a painter and inspired him to write 'Reflections of a Dream,' a book later published in the US. After a year in Japan, which left two of his paintings on display in a government building, he moved to Los Angeles where he currently resides with his wife and young daughter.

As a boy Fabian developed an immense admiration and respect for the beautiful courtesans he observed at his father's three brothels. No doubt it was his extraordinarily painful childhood that resulted in Perez seeking solace in the romantic ideal of life which is the heart and soul of his art.

Fabian's unique style of painting - which he calls 'Emotionalism' - uses colors, highlights, and shadows to express passionate feelings which are mined from the deep well of memory.

Fabian Perez' international success affords him the quiet time he needs to create his art and be with his family and friends, which he considers the three most important things in life.

"It is not how much you have, but with whom you enjoy it." - Fabian Perez


Fabian Perez was selected by the United States Olympic Committee along with world renowned artist Leroy Neiman to paint the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Fabian created the official artwork for the 2009 10th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards.

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