Artist Harry Wishard

Photo of Artist Harry Wishard

Born and raised on the island of Hawaii, Harry Wishard has always been surrounded by beauty. His profound love for the cascading waterfalls, remote valleys, rainforests, dynamic skies, and local lifestyle inspires him to paint what he sees with almost photographic realism. He works exclusively in oils, primarily on cotton canvas, with a large array of colors.

Wishard achieves in his art that ultimate level of beauty that literally takes your breath away and for a brief moment the world stops... you feel the wind against your cheek and the waves lapping at your feet.

"I hope to create for the viewer a respect and awe of Hawai'i, its history, land, and people. That respect is something I want to translate into a desire to conserve and preserve all that is unique to the islands."

Wishard still lives on the Big Island on a small farm with his son and one of his daughters, and has recently spent time painting in northern California and Europe. ... click for full bio.

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